Winterlaken Package 2022-23



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Winterlaken Package 2022-23

Available from: 07.12.2022

Available till: 05.03.2023

Minimum Stay: 2 Nights

Winterlaken pass adult: CHF 40 per person / night 

Winterlaken pass children 6-15 y: CHF 20.- per person / night

Make your next winter holiday an unforgettable one and book our WINTERLAKEN PACKAGE. The winterlaken card, which is a collaboration of the regional tourism partners and offers you special deals, added value, and highlights for a winter holiday you won’t forget. Book our WINTERLAKEN PACKAGE at our boutique hotel for two nights minimum and benefit from this amazing partnership.


Winter sports pass & many extras included

Active and adrenaline packed, still romantic and indulgent: that is what to expect from a winter in the Interlaken region. In Interlaken you can experience the very best of this incredible season. Winter dreams for true lovers. Explore the endless snow covered landscapes and marvel at the unique interplay of snow capped mountains and turquoise lakes. Interlaken is the starting point of adventure and the perfect place for unforgettable days full of winter adrenaline sports.


The WINTERLAKEN CARD allows you to take advantage of incredible extras from a range of partners throughout your stay. Take a panoramic walk under the snow, discover action-packed sledge runs and go skiing on the wide slopes of the Interlaken region. The card is your personal guarantee of a multi-faceted winter break. Available at CHF 40.- per day/person (children 6-15 only 20.- per day) to those staying three nights or more.

  • Your ticket to a world of winter adventure
  • Jungfrau ski region winter sports pass
  • Reach the Jungfraujoch 47 minutes faster on the new V-Bahn
  • Incl. the Bernese Oberland Railway and mountain railways in the Jungfrau Ski Region
  • Free use of public transport within the route network of the guest card
  • Schilthorn, the James Bond world and home of the worlds longest downhill track
  • Discounts at more than 10 restaurants
  • 15%-30% reduction on indoor & outdoor activities


Available at CHF 40.- per day/person (children between 6-15 only 20.- per day) to those staying three nights or more.

To get your Winterlaken package follow these steps:
1. Book you room online through our site as normal.
2. Send email to including dates you booked and number of people.

Free changes apply up to five days prior to arrival.

For more information click here. - Interlaken tourism site

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